Know About The Best Way To Disinfect Baby Toys?

Know About The Best Way To Disinfect Baby Toys?

It’s normal that the toys of a child will get dirty no matter what. There’s nothing you can do to stop it. But that doesn’t give you any chance to overlook the importance of disinfecting the toys, which allows the kids to play with them again and again without catching any horrible disease. It’s your duty to check and disinfect the baby toys so that they can play with them safely.

Clean Your Baby Toys

The great thing about the process of cleaning your baby’s toys is that you don’t need fancy stuff for it. Using some of the most basic household items and the right process is enough to disinfect the toys and keep your baby far from germs.

However, it’s essential to know the subtle difference between cleaning a toy and sterilizing it. Typically, using some kind of cleanser and clean water will be all you need to clean and sterilize the toy and make set it free of grime. Also, as you’re dealing with kids’ toys, you need to know that the gems will come back after some time. That’s why it’s important to go over these processes quite frequently.

Your Priorities 

Once you get the basic cleaning process done, you can move on to the subsequent stage. There you can do a lot of arrangements that you can use as a sanitizer or disinfectant. But it’s not vital to spend a lot of time there as the main job is not picking what to use to cleanse the toys with. 

It’s recommended that you go with a weakened blanch as it’s a pretty effective disinfectant. It’s pretty moderately secured and you can rely on it for sterilizing the kids’ toys. Ideally, you want to blend a tablespoon of blanch with a quart of clean water to make the perfect solvent. Then all you need to do is rub the toys using this solvent and a piece of fabric.

Again, it’s wise to put emphasis on the cleaning part as it impacts the whole sterilization process. So, you should focus on cleaning it very thoroughly before you move on to anything else. If there’s dirt on the toy, the germs are more likely to stick under it, and thus, the sterilization endeavors won’t give you the best effects there.

Clean Baby Toys Most Often

Now that you got the arrangement right, it’s important to notice that you need to clean your baby’s toys often. It’s important to let the substance sit on the toys for a moment as it helps in the disinfection process. You should know that it takes time for the sanitizer to take out the germs, and waiting for at least 2 to 3 minutes can really have a big impact on the effectiveness of this process.

Check Toys Prices 


Also, the process of cleaning will greatly differ as to the material for the toy is different. So, you should consider if the toy that the kid is playing with is second hand or something of that sort. It’s a good idea to consider cleaning and disinfecting them very thoroughly before giving these to your kids. As the materials have a great influence on the overall process, let’s find out more about each material.


It’s apparent that most of the kids’ toys these days are made with plastic. It can be a toy car or a toy robot, you’ll see the use of plastic everywhere. To wash and disinfect this super common material, you should conder using vinegar and water. To start, take one section and one section of water and mix it all together. Then you need to put it on a piece of fabric and wipe the toys with it. You should be done after a while as it’s pretty effective at cleansing the plastic toys. 

Wooden Toys

For wooden toys, you can’t just put some water to clean these toys as it’ll damage them and ruin the material of the toy. In that case, the best way to clean the wooden toys would be to dry clean them with sanitizer and letting them airdry. As there are not that many wood toys compared to plastic ones, it’s important to put some focus on the sterilizing process as it can contain germs like any other material.


When it comes to texture, the best thing to do is to seal the toys using a cooler sack and throw the pack into a cooler for 2 to 3 days. That’ll take out the germs, bacterias, and other nasty stuff from the toy. And then there’s always an option for using a dishwasher to clean the toys. Also, if you see any visible dirt, you can simply use your hands to give it a good rub. And that’ll get the toy cleansed.


If you have to deal with a metal toy, you should know that it’s one of the easiest materials to clean. You can simply use a microfiber fabric to wipe down the outside of the toy, and that’ll take out the oil, dirt, and grime. However, if there’s a presence of dry dirt and grime, don’t hesitate to use them ever so useful blend of dye and water. That’ll get the trick done for good, and you can simply give the clean metal toy to your kid to play with again.

Board Books and Rubber Toys

Board books and rubber toys require a bit more attention than a metal toy. For that, you can use the previously mentioned blend of white vinegar and water. Add this solvent to a clean piece of cloth, and you can just use it to clean the board books and rubber toys. Just be a bit careful not to destroy the 

Shower Toys

Finally, we have shower toys to cover, which might seem normal, but is it really? These toys do require attention to clean them, and you should pay more attention to these as well. However, that doesn’t mean that it takes any other fancy stuff for the cleaning process. You can simply use white vinegar and water mix to clean the shower toys. Or if that’s not enough, don’t hesitate to throw it in the dishwasher as well.

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