Best Baby Formula For Bottle Feeding Your Baby
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Best Baby Formula For Bottle Feeding Your Baby

There is no better alternative than mother breastmilk. But it may not always happen like the way we plan. Due to many family or physical problems, moms often fail to feed breastmilk to their infant children.

Just because you can’t feed breastmilk to your baby, that doesn’t mean you will keep him hungry. That’s why doctors and pediatricians suggest feeding infant formulas. However, the formula you choose must have American Food and Drug Administration certification to meet the nutritional standards.

Baby formulas mainly come in three types: cow’s milk formula, soy formula, and specialized formula. Finding the best baby formula from endless options is often overwhelming. There are many things you want to make sure of before purchasing it.

After observing and testing many top baby formulas, we have shortlisted with the ten best baby formula. Just keep reading the article for the next few minutes.

Gerber Good Start SoothePro Powder Infant Formula

Gerber Good Start SoothePro Powder Infant Formula is a gentle formula for babies, and it includes complete nutrition and safe ingredients. If your baby has colic-like symptoms or cries frequently, this baby formula is a useful option. Also, it is the right choice for a fussy baby.

Many children face digestive issues, and the formula features prebiotics, which are non-digestible food ingredients. These ingredients help boost the immune system, stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria, and enhance bowel movements.

Furthermore, the formula includes close to 30 percent lactose, and it is one of the necessary ingredients for the development of your children. It supplies sufficient energy to your child’s body and helps to absorb calcium and iron. Aside from that, it contains DHA to improves visual functions and brain development.

Like adult people, children can’t digest regular protein-based milk. Instead, they need easy-to-digest comfort proteins, and it will act gently in your tummy. Though many parents liked this formula, some parents complained it is a little unmanageable to dissolve in containers. Also, some thought it doesn’t include a comfortable smell like other baby formulas.


  • Soothing nutrition
  • Brain and eye development
  • Easy to digest
  • 30 percent lactose
  • Includes prebiotics and probiotics
  • Reduces crying time by 50%


  • Can deal with colic and fuzziness
  • Minimizes spitting up
  • Promote soft stools
  • Amazing packaging
  • 100% safe


  • Difficult to dissolve in container

Enfamil A.R. Infant Formula

If your kid spit-up a lot, the Enfamil A.R. Infant Formula is an effective option to consider. It meets the AAP safety standards to ensure no harm to your kid while reducing spit-up by more than 50%.

The formula includes rice starch, and this ingredient provides multiple health benefits. This ingredient works precisely for those children who have allergens to many food ingredients, which can cure gassy issues and stomach infections.

During the first 12 months of babies, they need complete and whole nutrition to ensure average growth and development in full potential. Since it contains various ingredients, it will fulfill almost all the nutrition that a kid needs for the first 12 months.

Because of having balanced nutrition with DHA, many professional doctors and obstetricians often suggest feeding this infant formula. The brain-nourishing DHA supports to development of the brain and other body functions.

Though it is one of the best formulas to fix spit-up issues, you want to 100% sure by consulting with your doctors. Different person has different genetics and what works for you may not work for me. Apparently, some parents failed to see any improvement after feeding the formula to handle the reflux problem.


  • Brain building nutrition
  • Designed to reduce spit-up in 1 week
  • Added rice starch formula
  • Clinically proven formula
  • Includes expert recommended DHA for eye and brain development


  • Easy to eat
  • Pediatrician recommended formula
  • Provides nutrition for kids through their first 12 months
  • Mix up well
  • The perfect option for sensitive stomach
  • Makes children healthy


  • A little bit pricey

Enfamil Gentlease Infant Formula

If you are looking for baby formula to reduce fussiness, gas, and crying, then the Enfamil Gentlease Infant Formula is one of the market’s finest options. The infant formula contains DHA and Choline, which improves brain cells’ function and nervous system. Also, this essential nutrient helps to grow healthy cell membranes.

The gentle formula is clinically proven entirely safe, and you can feed this food to your baby up to 12 month-age. Since it contains probiotics, it will make your newborn baby’s immune system stronger and improve the baby’s long-term health.

The infant formula doesn’t contain any GMO ingredients. As a result, your kid will not face any allergic reactions. Also, it will not cause any contribution to cancer development and doesn’t have any antibacterial resistance properties. Instead, the food is rich in nutrients and free from artificial preservatives, sweeteners, and colors.

Many parents are happy to feed this baby formula to their newborn toddlers. It helps to reduce the gas or digestive problem within a few days. However, some complained that it makes their baby poops green color and intolerable disgusting smell. Also, few have issues with the packaging design.


  • Effective to deal with digestive problems
  • A perfect solution for fussiness, gas, and crying
  • Free from GMO ingredients
  • Contains DHA and Choline to ensure brain development
  • Free from artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors


  • Gentle formula
  • No diarrhea or spit up
  • Easy to digest proteins
  • Doesn’t cause any allergic reaction
  • Ensures normal bowel movement
  • Reasonable price


  • Some have issues with packaging
  • Leaves oil residue inside the container

Enfamil Reguline Infant Formula

Enfamil Reguline Infant Formula is a good option for kids who have constipation problems. The manufacturing company claims the infant formula can eliminate or at least reduce the issue within one week.

Babies who are not popping daily or regularly can eat this food. The prebiotic blend improves the digestive system and makes stool soft within a short time. Also, it gives a long-term solution, and your kid doesn’t need to eat once he gets back to his regular digestive system.

The formula has iron to ensure sufficient oxygen distribution to the body’s organs and muscles. Additionally, it contains omega-3 DHA to improve eye condition and aid normal brain development.

Like many other infant formulas, you can feed this food to your kid daily it is extra-gentle and doesn’t do any harm to your toddlers. It is a perfect inclusion to your kid’s healthy diet. Though it has many positive reviews, some parents are happy with this formula. Because their kids didn’t like to eat the flavor after trying many times.


  • Great for bad constipation.
  • Works within a short time
  • Doesn’t cause any spit-up issue
  • Includes omega 3 DHA and Choline
  • Easy to digest proteins


  • Makes stools soft
  • Provides long-lasting solution
  • Contains prebiotics and vitamins
  • Recovers regular bowel movements
  • Gentle and effective formula


  • Contains one GMO ingredient

Similac For Supplementation

Supplementation is compulsory to ensure your baby gets all the nutrition he needs. Aside from feeding standard baby formula for a short period, you may want to give a specific formula for supplementation. This formula is purposely designed for breastfeeding moms who like to feed it along with breastmilk.

The formula includes 10% more prebiotics than other similar supplementations. In addition, it contains prebiotics to maintain a healthy digestive system and keep your baby’s tummy super healthy. The inclusion of palm olein oil-free fat blend makes it healthy to improve skin & hair health and boost brain health.

Besides, the product has an exclusive blend of DHA and lutein to reduce inflammation, improve eye health and protect skin from sun damage. Also, it contains a powerful antioxidant like vitamin E, and this ingredient support immune function. Apart from that, the product is infused with calcium for stronger bones.

Even children with a sensitive stomach can easily eat this formula because it is an extra-gentle food with proper nutrition. Though most parents showed positive responses, some consumers commented their baby started facing gas issues after eating the formula for few days.


  • Gentle and effective formula
  • Contains 10% more prebiotics
  • Makes bones stronger
  • Excellent source of DHA, lutein, and vitamin E


  • Promotes digestive health
  • Tastes great
  • Supports developing cells
  • Stimulates eye and brain development
  • Made from original formula to act gently


  • Some customer complained it causes a lot of loose poop

Similac NeoSure

Similac NeoSure is an ideal option for premature babies. Though breast milk is the best solution, sometimes it may not always be available. Also, premature babies need extra nutrition for better growth. As the product is free from harmful chemicals and artificial growth hormone, you can feed this food regularly.

The reason behind choosing this Similac formula over other standard formulas is its supplement of additional calories. Regular formulas have  20 calories per ounce, while it has 22-24 calories per ounce. That’s why it will increase the weight and bone growth. of your child

What’s more, the baby formula contains protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals, which makes it a wholesome food. Eating this food will ensure the growth of all organ systems and the development of your kid. In fact, the manufacturer company claims that it promotes more significant rates of growth than other infant formulas.

Not to mention, the product is a combination of many nutrition like DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E to ensure body growth. Hence, it is undoubtedly an excellent choice for premature babies, especially for the first year of life. Though this enriched formula improves weight and length, some parents complained their children experienced some digestive problems after eating it for a few weeks.


  • Contains 22-24 calories per ounce
  • Not difficult to digest
  • An ideal option for premature babies
  • Ensures bone and body structure development
  • Has DHA and ARA


  • Helps to increase weight
  • Nutrient-enriched formula
  • Enriched with protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals
  • Improves eye and brain functions
  • Made from high-quality ingredients


  • Sometimes it causes constipation and other stomach issues

Enfamil Nutramigen with Enflora LGG Powder Infant Formula

Not all babies can eat the same type of infant formula, especially if they are allergic to milk or soy-based varieties. That’s why they need a particular type of hypoallergenic formula. Once you start feeding this baby formula, it will reduce intense crying or fussiness within a short time.

The infant formula is free from artificial growth hormones and other chemicals. So, you are free to feed this food daily unless he/she has other health issues. Additionally, it doesn’t contain lactose and sucrose to keep your toddler safe from many destructive diseases.

Moreover, it is enriched with high-quality probiotics to control acid reflux, colic, constipation, and so forth. It will fix most of the digestive problems aside from handling allergic issues. Plus, the manufacturing company claims that it is clinically proven to reduce asthma and eczema. Being said, according to Enfamil-sponsored research, it can relieve allergy up to 50 percent.

Like other infant formulas, it also includes DHA to ensure brain development and makes your baby’s brain healthy. One thing you want to make sure that before purchasing this product, you should know your baby has an allergy. Otherwise, it won’t be an excellent option to consider since the price per ounce is also high.


  • Reduces allergy up to 50%
  • Provides impressive results with 48 hours
  • Free from lactose and sucrose
  • Contains the probiotic branded LGG
  • Reduces baby crying


  • Ideal for kids who have an allergy to cow’s milk
  • Can fix various stomach issues
  • Works better for asthma and eczema
  • No artificial growth hormones are added
  • Protein hydrolysate formula


  • Highly expensive

Earth’s Best Organic Sensitivity Infant Formula

Earth's Best Organic Low Lactose Sensitivity Infant Formula with Iron, Milk-Based Powder, 35oz.

Though we have listed safe infant formulas, they are not entirely organic. If you prefer to choose an organic formula, then the Earth’s Best Organic Sensitivity Infant Formula is an excellent option. It is free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers to ensure natural ingredients.

Some babies have lower tolerance levels, and they can’t consume much lactose like other kids. That’s why this infant formula contains 95% less lactose compared to other infant formulas. As a result, your toddler can easily consume a high amount without facing any difficulty.

Apart from that, the baby formula has Omega-3 DHA, which improves kid’s overall health and improves brain functions. It also includes Omega-6 ARA fatty acids, and it has high health benefits like reducing the risk of cancers and other dangerous diseases.

Since the product sources the most natural ingredients, it is comfortable for infants to digest. In general, they will not face any issue in their tummy to digest this food smoothly.


  • Organic and gentle formula
  • Contains 95% less lactose
  • Enriched with Omega-3 DHA and Omega-6 ARA
  • Has lutein and prebiotic
  • Partially Hydrolyzed Protein


  • Features no synthetic pesticides and fertilizers
  • Reduces GERD and eczema
  • Free from artificial flavors and colors
  • Effortless to consume


  • Inconsistent taste from batch to batch

Gerber Good Start Soy Powder Infant Formula

Do you know one-fourth of infant formulas include soy-based ingredients? If you are looking for the best plant-based baby formula, you might want to try the Gerber Good Start Soy Powder Infant Formula. It contains lactose-free nutrition to deal with fussiness and gas issues efficiently.

Babies whose age is between 9 to 24 months old are suitable to eat this plant-based formula. Also, it is a perfect alternative for kids who can’t eat cow-enriched milk formula due to allergies. The soy-based formula contains high-quality proteins to ensure cognitive development.

Aside from that, it has many essential nutrients and amino acids for healthy balanced diets. Since the formula features high amounts of fiber content, it will improve digestive systems and keep them free from many stomach issues.

Besides, the plant-based formula contains vitamin D and calcium to make bones strong, boost body functions, and prevent diseases like rickets.


  • Made from real fruits, veggies, and grains
  • Soy-protein based formula
  • Reduces fussiness and gas
  • Suitable for 9 to 24 months old babies


  • Contains vitamin D and calcium
  • Easy to eat and digest
  • Nutrition for growing
  • Milk and lactose-free


  • Difficult to mix
  • Lumpy

Kirkland Signature ProCare Non-GMO Infant Formula

Kids eat a lot of baby formula at an early age, and you will have to spend a lot of money for that. However, you can also pick a budget-friendly baby formula like the Kirkland Signature ProCare Non-GMO Infant Formula.

Though it is low in price, it provides the same level of nutrition. The baby formula includes 2′-FL Human Milk Oligosaccharide, which is one of the most solid components you will find in breastmilk. When you feed your baby this formula regularly, it makes healthy bacteria in your kid’s body and stimulates the immune system.

It is one type of cow milk, which is free from artificial growth hormones and so your baby won’t face any internal issues while eating it. Like other baby formulas, it contains lutein and DHA for eye and brain development.

Talking of the negative side, many children experienced gassy issues after eating this formula for few weeks. Also, it is a little bit more chalky, and foamy type than other infant formulas and many parents dislike this fact.


  • 2′-FL HMO for Immune Support
  • Free from artificial growth hormones
  • Meets quality standards
  • Latest non-GMO formula


  • Includes DHA and lutein
  • Low in price
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Great for eye and brain development
  • Last for a long time


  • A little bit chalky and foamy

Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing A Baby Formula

You want to give 100% attention before selecting a particular infant formula. As we mentioned earlier, your baby may have a different need than my baby.

Take Suggestion from Your pediatrician

The very first thing you will do is consulting with your doctors.  And test your baby’s health condition to know whether he is completely fit to eat the baby formula you are going to pick. Or, the specific formula will eliminate the problem your baby is facing now.

Check the Ingredients List Pediatrician for Allergens

If your baby has an allergy to a specific food ingredient, avoid picking those formulas. Also, take suggestions from doctors if your kid has a digestive problem or borne prematurely.

Nutrients and Iron

No matter what type of formula you pick, make sure it includes essential nutrients to maintain a healthy balanced diet. It is better to choose a food, which has carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins & minerals, and prebiotics. However, make sure each ingredient contains a limited portion because a higher amount per ounce may negatively affect health.

Types of Baby Formula

There are various baby formulas available in the market like milk-based baby formula, milk-based baby formula, organic baby formula, soy-based baby formula, unique formula, and plant-based baby formula. We have already mentioned various formulas in our list and can choose any of them based on your baby’s requirements.

Is it iron-fortified?

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests feeding baby iron-fortified formula if your baby does not receive adequate breastmilk from birth.


Since you need to feed this formula daily, it will cost a significant amount of money. However, you don’t want to purchase any cheap product, which will hamper your baby’s health. That’s why only go for a low-price option if it meets the safety standard. You can have a look at the Kirkland Signature ProCare Non-GMO Infant Formula, which is the cheapest on our list.


Parents always want to feed their baby the best food with high nutrition amount. After reading the whole article, we are pretty sure that you have already earned enough knowledge to decide which type of baby formula will be best for your toddler.

We have listed top infant formulas, which are known as the best baby formula in different categories. Since we already explained each product’s good and bad side, hopefully, you will not dive into confusion. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s slap the link to grab the best baby formula. Happy shopping!

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