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Baby Jumpers & Activity Walkers That Will Make Your Kids Strong

What is a Baby Jumper? 

Baby Jumpers were first invented in the late 19th century as simple walker devices for children.  However, within this long period, these simple walker machines have molded themselves many times. Today, they’re more powerful than ever before serving as an electric device with lots of features. To simply say, a baby jumper is a kind of toy specially made for infants to play in, as well as exercise. You will find notable differences in the models of these baby jumpers.

For instance, some baby jumpers are only dedicated to developing a correct and healthy posture. Again, some other modern devices additionally offer educational and entertainment features built into them.   In fact, in the present time, their design patterns have been so diversified that you can have normal bouncer jumpers and walkers to fully-fledged entertainment systems. Consequently, your baby will be able to do physical exercise and be entertained with playful songs, sounds, and toys. 

When you are looking for a baby jumper for your lovely toddler, make sure the device matches the weight and age requirements. You can even measure your room to figure out whether the jumper will even fit inside your apartment or not. Apart from these baby jumpers, you can also choose baby walker devices to help your little one learn to walk faster. Conversely, don’t ever go for a high chair for your baby so that you can keep your kitchen free of the mess made by him or her. 

As you have known the significance of baby jumpers, let’s have a look over some exceptional baby jumpers given in the upcoming segment. 

Evenflo ExerSaucer

Evenflo ExerSaucer is a special kind of baby jumper model that you can adjust according to the height and weight of your baby. Actually, it has a 3-position height adjustment set up to give more flexibility while using. As a result, it’s somehow different from other freestanding models. Additionally, you will get a comfortable seat and a solid base that will even keep your most active child safe while playing in it and you can put it anywhere in the house without worrying about any injury or accident.

But you will have to give some time and effort to assemble and disassemble the parts of these baby jumpers as its design is a bit convoluted. However, if you want, you can easily store the assembled one as the parts/units are not so big. Whatever, the most impressive thing about this baby jumper,   it’s not just a jumping device. Rather, it accumulates 67 different activities, coupled with built-in electronic toys, that can deliver hours upon hours of endless fun. For busy parents, it’s gonna be a masterpiece because it’s too handy, safe, and entertaining that will grow their little one from multidimensional. 


  • Features 67 different electronic learning activities.  
  • Keeps entertained via playful songs, sounds, and toys. 
  • A decent option for busy parents. 


  • A bit time-consuming while disassembling different units.

Jolly Jumper 52 Inches Frame Stands

Jolly Jumper 52 Inches Frame Stands  Baby Jumper provides completely safe entertainment without needless belts and whistles. Although many of the customers will find it quite basic, it’s actually something better than the standard hanging baby exercisers. Let’s get to know how this particular product can be beneficial for your baby. 

Children from three months and over can smoothly use this jumper without having any potential risk. Additionally, its strong metal frame has made it more powerful than other similar products with the capacity of holding up to 28 pounds weight. Also, the metal frame of this jumper can easily be folded after your baby finishes playing in it. But there may be the complexity of space when you assemble the parts (that take large space). So,  you should not choose it for your baby if your apartment is smaller. 

Otherwise, you will need to remove some furniture to place this 50 x 43-inch base properly. However, its sturdy frame combined with reliable connectors and a comfortable seat provides an extra layer of protection. So, as a conscious parent, you can surely choose this for your beloved little member.

 At last, to say specifically, this 52-inch baby jumper works best for those infants and toddlers who are old enough but not so ready to walk.  


  • Enduring build. 
  • Suitable for both inner and outer use. 
  • Easy to fold and store. 
  • Can support up to 28 pounds. 


  • Takes up huge space due to a larger footprint.


Fisher-Price FWY41 Animal Wonders

Fisher-Price FWY41 Animal Wonders is a tiny looking baby jumper produced by Fisher-Price. Despite being simple in design, this serves as a fairly layered product. With the plastic frame, this jumper can easily hold up to 25 pounds of weight. Children from three months or more are suitable users of this fairly good baby jumper. Apart from this, you can adjust its comfortable seat in 3 different positions which, in other words, means being able to grow with the baby. Also, its fairly wide frame can support a highly bouncer baby too smoothly. 

Like other models, it has a pitfall as well and that is the lack of transport wheels. However, its 360-degree moving body has reduced that notoriety to some extent giving the full flexibility of moving back and forth. In addition to this, you will get several entertainment features including music tracks, flashy lights, and sounds that encourage toddlers to bounce time and time again. Considering everything, this jumper will be the right choice for those parents who like to give their infants endless hours of entertainment as well as assemble and store the whole unit quickly. 


  • Offers three different adjustable positions. 
  • A 360-degree rotatable seat helps the baby to observe the whole room staying in one place. 
  •  Offers lots of fun features like music tracks, flashy lights, etc. 
  • Provides security while playing with its wide frame. 


  • To remove the seat cover takes some effort.

Baby Einstein 60184 Baby Jumper

Baby Einstein 60184 Baby Jumper sounds exceptional by its name, doesn’t it?  In fact, it’s a magical box presenting plenty of entertainment activities. Baby Einstein has produced this model in a way that embodies pretty much everything a good stationary jumper should be. 

First of all, you will find the seat and its base arms hold the seat featuring soft cushioned covers which will give you and your baby an extra level of comfort.  Also, the cleaning course will be much easier due to its machine washable seats and fabric attachments.  Again, if you go for checking the smart electronic features of this model, you will surely be overwhelmed by the huge number of different programs included in the core set.  Besides entertaining songs and sounds, this model also features basic speech learning programs in 3 different languages- English, Spanish, and French.


Likewise other stationery brands, this jumper is also 360 degree rotatable. But if your baby moves the base circle too fast, it can get stuck at some points. So, try to lubricate the inner part of the circle occasionally to avoid this type of problem. 

To wrap up, this is an excellent pick for babies of four months or older as a lightweight, sturdy, secured, and entertaining device. 


  • Highly comfortable cushioned seat cover. 
  • Easy to clean. 
  • Lots of entertaining and learning programs. 
  • Teaches the speech of 3 different languages.


  • Having a risk to get stuck if rotated too fast.  

Evenflo Doorway Baby Jumper

Evenflo Doorway Baby Jumper is opposite to standard stationary jumper models. You might be wondering how it can be? First of all, it doesn’t require any tools to install properly. Secondly, the clamp that you would get with the package is easy to use and can be adjusted and attached to virtually any interior doorway. And you can easily move it from one room to another. 

To ensure safety measures, its framed shape body surrounds the baby from all sides. However, you must keep in mind that you can not exceed the highest 24 pounds weight range.  The most impressive thing about this baby jumper is its viability for travel purposes. Due to its low weight and quick set up process, you can mess freely with it during the whole trip. 

Finally, if you are looking for a baby jumper to place in your small apartment, this doorway baby jumper is the best option for you at such a decent price. So, don’t forget to check out the price product link given below to get the perfect one. 


  • Light-weight and portable baby jumper. 
  • Capable to fit with any standard door frame. 
  • Easy to carry around. 
  • The viable choice for a trip or vacation. 


  • Includes no bumpers in the package. 

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