10 Best Baby Walkers for Tall Babies

10 Best Baby Walkers for Tall Babies

Nothing is more joyous than seeing your baby is scooting and creeping. Sometimes you see they stand on their own but fall after standing for a few seconds. They want to walk, run, but their immature body structure doesn’t allow them to do it.

What if I tell you there is something named a baby walker, and it helps to improve your kids’ walking ability. If your kid already became 4 or 5 months old, an infant walker will surely do the job.

Aside from helping your infant kid to move from one place to another, most of the baby walkers include toys to please them. But how about finding baby walkers for tall babies? Unless it is a little taller than regular push walkers or at least comes with height adjustment functions.

After testing and observing many baby walkers’ performance, we have shortlisted the ten best baby walkers for tall babies. Let’s dive in to find them.

What to Look for In A Baby Walker

Though there is no scientific proof that a baby walker helps your infant baby for independent walk gradually. However, you can’t deny the fun your toddler will get from this ride-on toy.

Choosing a reliable and high-quality baby walker is essential as long as you don’t want your hard-earned money goes in vain. We are bringing up some crucial factors, which you must consider before purchasing a baby walker.

Types of Baby Walker

Two types of baby walking toys are available in the market. One is the sit-in walker, which has a circle-shaped base and a raised seat to sit comfortably. However, your toddler will not be able to touch the ground while sitting on the sit-in walker.

The second one is known as the push walker, and it allows your kid to move forward and backward. Plus, your baby can touch the ground while standing in an unnatural position.

Your Kids Mobility

Some babies may love to sit on the baby walker and pulling to stand. Others may prefer to roam around the home to enjoy themselves while standing independently.

Type of Flooring You Have

Most infant walkers work better on hardwood floors, tiles, and carpets. The materials, wheels, weight, grips, and built-in quality of the walker also affect directly or indirectly to smoothly move it from one place to another on different surfaces.

Flexibility and Adjustability

Are you buying a baby walker for home purposes, or you want to take it out while going on tour? High flexibility is not compulsory when you just need it for home purpose. Even you are free to pick a bulky and weighty one if your house is big. But when you want to take it out for an outside tour or vacation, a flexible and portable baby walker is something you need. You want to fold it or at least bend it to fit on your car’s trunk.


From $20 to $100, a baby walker is at hand in several category prices. For long time investment, it is better to avoid buying too cheap baby walkers because they are made of below-average quality.

Modern Safety Feature

No matter how much fun a baby walker provides, parents will never purchase it if it puts their baby’s life in danger. Some push walkers move too quickly, and your toddlers get excited to go close to many risky places like swimming pools, staircases, and so on. One single mistake may put your kids in a dangerous accident or injury.

It is best to pick a baby walker that has rubber and locking wheels. As a result, it allows you to lock the toy when you are not close to him/her. She/he will able to move in free when you unlock it.

Don’t Pick Used Walkers

Avoid taking old baby walkers from friends or family because the locking features may already get damaged or not working properly.

Product Reviews

Joovy Spoon Baby Walker

It is not surprising to rank the Joovy Spoon Baby Walker in our top list. In fact, it is a clear favorite among many parents. It is available in four colors: charcoal, blueberry, red, and greenie. The baby walker is a traditional sit-in baby walker, and it has some catchy features to stand out from the crowd.

From the packaging to its built-in structure and style, it will impress you in every way. The walker comes in a comparatively lightweight and foldable design. As a result, you can store it easily in a flat pattern under the bed to save your space at home.

The baby walker is dishwasher safe so, even if your toddler messes the tray and seat, you can clean it within a few minutes. There is enough space inside the tray to allow your kid to move easily right or left. Also, it includes an extra-wide footprint to keep your baby fingers safe from hurting.

You will like the simple design and color without being too vibrant. The maximum weight capacity for this baby walker is 30 pounds. It is a traditional sit-in baby walker and perfect for most tall babies. Additionally, the three height adjustment functions allow parents to increase the height up to 33.5 inches.

The seat paddle is ultra-soft, comfortable, and suitable to wash in the washing machine. Not to mention its non-slip stair pads and oversized wheels, which prevent the walker from moving unnecessarily. Parents will not find any problematic situation to move the infant walker on various surfaces smoothly.


  • Three height options
  • Big wheels and slip-resistant stair pads
  • Free from BPA, PVC, and Phthalate
  • 30 pounds weight capacity
  • supportive and convenient seat pad


  • High-quality material
  • Effortless to store and clean
  • Huge tray
  • Large-sized footprints
  • JPMA certified
  • Machine washable


  • The white plastic prone to stains

Disney Winnie The Pooh Music and Lights Walker

This model is great for entertainment purposes beyond its vivid appearance and high flexibility. Its innovative design makes it more preferable for parents. The walker has two swing-open activity trays to provide sufficient space for keeping toys and snacks. Plus, the robust wheels work precisely on different floors without jamming up. Never worry about unnecessary movement since it includes grip strips to stop it.

The infant walker comes with a foldable function. Hence, parents can easily store it in their home and take it outside without covering extra space. For long babies, it includes height adjustment function in three different levels. So, parents who feel stressed about whether it could fit their baby’s size have no reason to fear it.

The most striking thing about this push walker is its ability to play songs. It features 12 built-in tunes, and you can change them. Even if your kid has 30 pounds weight, he is still fit for the walker.

The inclusion of toys makes it more appealing for kids. Your toddler will indeed to lovely play with the toys while roaming around the house freely. Washing the seat pad is a breeze, and it is machine washable too.


  • Includes 12 songs for entertainment
  • Up to 30 pounds weight capacity
  • 2 swing-open activity trays
  • height limit up to 32 inches
  • 3 position adjustment function


  • Simple to assemble
  • Perfect for a variety of activities
  • Rolls nicely
  • Pop-out rubber stoppers
  • Folds easily
  • Sturdy construction


  • Difficult to open the tray table

Combi Baby Walker

If you want an ultra-exclusive designed baby walker for your toddler, the Combi Baby Walker is a brilliant pick. This super comfortable and entertainer is something that your kid will love to play for hours. It features a premium-quality seat, which is easy to remove and wash. The infant walker offers a complete package of entertainment like lights, sound, mirror, toys.

The walker has a sufficient amount of space on the front hood to keep snacks or other foods. It comes with an effortless installation process to save your time. You will only spend few minutes putting all the parts together. Additionally, the ride-on toy has three levels of height adjustment. If your kid is too long, you will click on the tallest setting.

The sit-in baby walker has a jumper lock and anti-skid pads for optimal safety. What makes this toy more outstanding is its sleek and classic design. Your kid will surely fall in love with it at first glance. In addition, you will like the strong construction of the product, and it has 30 pounds load capacity.

Furthermore, it comes with a jumping feature to spring free from the ground. Your kid won’t face any while thoroughly enjoying the walker. Aside from that, it is easy to control due to its high maneuverability.


  • Multi-functional walker
  • 3 position height adjustment
  • Electronic play tray
  • Large snack tray
  • Lights and sounds
  • Mirror and toys


  • Convenient and classic design
  • Perfect jumper portion
  • Easily cleanable seat
  • Hassle-free to assemble
  • The simple cleaning process for the tray


  • Not works perfectly for carpeted surface

Circular 8-Wheeled Walker

Circular 8-Wheeled Walker is a unique-shaped toy, which has a circular design. What makes it stand out from other entries in its eight wheels. It allows your baby to move freely at a 360-degree angle with no restriction. The toddler walker is available in 3 different colors: blue, gray, and red.

The infant walker includes three strong stainless-steel legs to support it for free movement. If your kid is a little bit weighty or tall, you have no reason to ignore it. It can take up to 45 pounds of loads while keeping your toddler safe. On top of that, the 8-wheeled walker comes with four height adjustments, and you can increase or decrease it based on your baby’s requirements.

The toy is made from Polypropylene plastic. The plastic is nature-friendly and high resistant to heat and corrosion. It is easy to fold, and you can decrease the height to 4.3 inches after folding it. As a result, it will fit easily in your car trunk without covering much space. The wheels of the walker move smoothly and silently for convenient movement.

Aside from that, unlike other walkers, you can adjust both leg height and seat height separately. Hence, it gives extra comfort for both short and tall baby. The kid walker is suitable to use for both hardwood floors and carpet. Another impressive thing about the seat is that it has ample space to put both legs separately without facing difficulty.


  • Impressive maneuverability
  • 8 big-sized wheels for multidirectional movement
  • 45 pounds load capacity
  • Made from high-grade plastic
  • 5 leg adjustment and 4 seat adjustment settings


  • Separate height adjustment for leg and seat
  • High portability to fold and carry
  • Silent movement
  • Works perfectly on various surfaces
  • Sufficient leg space
  • Highly durable


  • No lock on wheels

Bright Starts 3 Ways to Play Walker

The name itself says that the baby walker has three different playing modes: one is normal walker mode like others, the second one is pushing behind, and the last one is playing with a full set. Since your toddler can play the walker differently, he/she will love to play with it for a long time.

The walker’s seating pad is made from soft materials for maximum comfort, and it is removable to wash it in your washing machine easily. If you have two children at house, you can use this multi-functional toy for them. One of them can play normal walker mode while the other one can play push-behind mode.

You want to pick up the push bar and take off the truck from the walker base for playing push-behind mode. What’s more, its robust construction makes it durable and can endure hardship easily for a prolonged time.

You can adjust the height position in three levels, which gives high flexibility for tall kids. For sitting mode, it has a maximum load of 26 pounds. However, it is best to allow your kids to play push-behind mode if she/he is experienced beginning walking kid.


  • Three playing modes
  • Two babies can play at the same time
  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Makes different sounds
  • 26 pounds maximum weight capacity for sitting mode
  • Different height adjustment functions


  • Super simple to assemble
  • Versatile walker
  • Excellent design
  • Precise option for tall kids
  • The seat cushion is easy to clean


  • Wheels are a little hard to turn
  • Not for short babies

Safety 1st Dino Baby Walker

If you want a baby walker for both walking and entertainment purposes, then the Safety 1st Dino Baby Walker is one of the most acceptable options to consider. Your kids will love to play all day long while you can do your household works without worrying about him. The infant walker comes with five dinosaur-themed toys, and your toddler will surely love to play with them.

The activity tray of the walker has a large space to keep foods and toys. It makes some music and sounds when your child taps on the switch. Its three different height adjustment makes it suitable for various sized children.

You can also remove the padded seat to wash it when it becomes dirty, or your kids make messes by dropping foods. Your child will surely love the colorful design because many tiny cartoon pictures are on the padded seat.

The sit-in toddler walker has a simple design, and it has a mixture of green, orange, and blue colors. Other than that, its compact design makes it hassle-free for storage to cover any space merely. Your baby can move independently around the house with its four sturdy wheels.


  • Includes 5-attached toys
  • Makes sounds and has a small light
  • cushy and machine-washable padded seat
  • Three height position adjustments
  • Large snack and play tray area


  • Fun and cute design
  • Hassle-free storage system
  • Folds nearly flat
  • Easy to put together
  • Plenty of toys


  • The tray is difficult to clean and prone to stains

Disney Ready, Set, Walk 2.0 Walker

Here comes another gimmick baby walker, which has an attractive appearance. It is a perfect option to make your kids happy because the infant walker includes a doll, a Minnie flower toy, a flashlight, and a switch button to play songs. It has 12 changeable songs to add fun while riding on the walker cheerfully.

The toddler walker has a weight load capacity of 30 pounds, and it ensures excellent stability and balance when your child plays with it. Hence, there is merely any chance of an accident occurring. Like most walkers, it comes with three height adjustment functions to easily cope with your kid’s height.

Moreover, its foldable design allows parents to store it in a small place easily, and also, you can keep it on your trunk while hanging out on vacations. The padded seat has a beautiful pinkish color, and it is made from soft materials to ensure supreme comfort. Also, the seat is simple to wash as you can just toss it in your washing machine for a quick and convenient clean.

The spacious tray has a large space for roomy activities and food. Additionally, the baby walker has sturdy frames to endure hardness when your child plays with it all day long. The unit comes with many impressive features to easily stand out from other walkers.


  • Includes three toys on the tray surface
  • Spacious tray
  • Allows fast and effortless storage
  • Precise and adjustable height
  • Good-quality product


  • Excellent stability because of the wide base
  • Sturdy frames and hard plastic
  • Gimmick color
  • High safety standard


  • Girly appearance

Chicco Walky Talky Baby Walker

If you are looking for a baby walker to use on hardwood or tile floors, the Chicco Walky Talky Baby Walker is a great option to consider. It is a multilingual activity walker with many toys. Playing with this unit is full of fun and entertainment.

This toddler walker’s most impressive feature is its six language playing styles, including Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and English. As a result, your new-born baby will enjoy various songs in different languages. In addition, the wheels are made from sturdy materials to ensure longevity, and they move smoothly even on uneven surfaces.

The brake pads work imposingly well, and it keeps your kid safe from being hurt. It has a comfortable seat, and it has enough space to move easily from one side to another side. Also, you can easily wash the seat pads whenever it gets dirty.

Furthermore, the toy is not only spacious in size but also easy to remove. And, you can easily clean it with a one-time simple rub. It has a gorgeous color and a simple design. Not to mention, its robust quality wheels work perfectly in various directions. It is undoubtedly an excellent pick for having such remarkable features.


  • Space-Saving Fold
  • Easy to adjust the height
  • Robust wheels with brake pads
  • Removable and spacious tray
  • Features fun tunes and colorful lights


  • Made from premium quality materials
  • Perfect brake pads
  • Comfortable and supportive seat
  • Children can learn different languages
  • Folds flat for portability
  • Effortless to maintain


  • Needs batteries

Delta Children First Exploration 2-in-1 Activity Walker

Delta Children First Exploration 2-in-1 Activity Walker is one of the top-ranked infant walkers in the market, and it is a better option for fast-growing children. Your child can use it in two ways: a normal activity walker and a walk-behind walker. It is available in two different colors with a cute design.

The maximum weight capacity is 25 pounds, and it can support children whose height is up to 30 inches tall. However, the walk-behind walker option is suitable when your kid can walk independently. In addition, the walker comes in an ultra-compact design to easily store in your home, and you are free to carry it anywhere you go.

Like many other walkers, it also features toys and music to entertain your baby for a prolonged time. Parents have the scope to remove the toy tray to clean and feed their baby foods by serving foods on the tray. To play music, the walker needs two batteries.

What’s more, you are free to remove the chair cover and wash it in your washing machine. Since it has an adjustable height in 3 different levels, tall kids can easily cope up with it. Besides, the grip strips at the bottom of the frame will restrict unnecessary movement and keep your toddler safe.


  • 2 in 1 design
  • Weight capacity up to 25 pounds
  • Adjustable height in three levels
  • Machine washable chair cover
  • Grip strips for safety
  • Ultra-compact design


  • Sturdy and fun
  • Removable Tray
  • Affordable price
  • Comes child developmental toys
  • JPMA certified


  • Only moves in the forward direction

Bright Starts Floral Friends Walker

Here comes another baby walker from the Bright Starts brand. It comes with a cute pinkish design and three height adjustment options. Also, the seat is easy to adjust and provides convenient support for a smooth ride at home. It features many tiny toys in various colors on the large tray. Hence, it will work as a source of sensory stimulation to let your child learn different colors, lights, and sounds.

The sturdy frame is made from good-quality plastic to ensure durability. Even after playing it daily, it will merely get any stains or destruction. Plus, it features protective brakes at the bottom of the frames, and it will provide safety to keep your kid safe from unwanted movement.

You can increase the height up to 32 inches to fit your small baby, and the maximum weight capacity is 26 pounds. The seat comes with additional padding to ensure maximum comfort, and the seat cover is also machine washable.

This all-rounder walker comes in a compact shape to easily store in your house. You can hide it within moments when you want. It works on most surfaces and takes less time to assemble. Not to mention, the wheels move in different directions to let your kid wander around home independently.


  • high-backed seat
  • Perfect for active baby
  • Comfortable and removable seat
  • 32 inches maximum height adjustment
  • 26 pounds highest load capacity


  • A great option for tall girls
  • Noiseless and peaceful
  • Includes Colorful toys
  • Effortless to put together
  • Collapsible and foldable


  • Available in only one color
  • No backward safety breaks


A baby walker is an essential companion for your kids before finally walking independently. All the baby walkers for tall babies we have listed are full of fun and entertainment. It will keep your baby busy all day long while you keep doing your important tasks.

We have listed both fancy and mid-range level infant walkers. You will get additional features if you purchase the expensive one. However, as long as the mid-range baby walkers can fulfill your baby requirements, no one stops you to grip them. Hopefully, our best baby walker review will help you to find your preferred one.

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